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Vertical Farming LED Grow Lights

Vertical Farming LED Grow Lights

UK designed and manufactured Professional grade led grow lights. Whether you are a hobby grower or a professional we have a horticultural led light to fit your needs
Super Tough Polycarbonate Case / Zero Light Loss
Super Tough Polycarbonate Case / Zero Light Loss

Our vertical farming lamps are designed to be tough and durable and to endure in the most extreme environments.

No drips, no dust, no ingress of any kind and most definitely never any damage to the leds with our unique one piece polycarbonate molded case.

Our vertical farming range of lamps are IP67 rated but for an additional cost on commerical orders we can IP68 the lamps with a small gasket.

Effective and Protective Passive Cooling
Effective and Protective Passive Cooling

Most panel / bar / vertical farming led grow lights have very little cooling and as a result their ouput will soon start to drop.

As a general rule if the back of the led area is too hot to touch then youve already started dropping output. Minimum output drop and repeatable yields can be achieved with good cooling.

Our hard core aluminium extrusion heatsinks are rated at 30% more than they need to be to cover teh 150w possible heat generated from the leds.

Exceptional Engineering

There are many panel led's and quantum boards available at the moment but almost all of them have the same fatal flaws that reduce their lifespan and efficacy day by day by day.

Our strong, durable and reliable range of LED Panels beats all the competition hands down in build quality, longevity and maintained efficacy and output for the lifecycle of the lamp.

Our lamps are so tough you can drive a car over them or wash them down with a pressure washer and they will still keep going. The super tough polycarbonate shell is almost impossible to break and protects the led's while ensuring a maximum light spread with zero light loss.

The 2mm thick copper and aluminium pcb combined with our hard core extrusion heatsinks ensure your led's last a long time and drop minimum output.

Most quantum boards and led panels on the market suffer from the same inherent problems due to cheap builds and lack of technical expertise in led engineering, including:

  1. Exposed Phosphor LEDS:
    • Attracts flies due to their yellow coating which will burn into the phosphor.
    • Dust and particulates can settle on the led due to air movement in your room which will burn into the phosphor.
    • Do not touch exposed led's or the grease from your fingers will burn into the phosphor.
    • All of these items o the led's phosphor coating lowering the lifespan of the led and shifting the spectrums bandwidth.
  2. Exposed Phosphor LEDS can be an electrical hazard when operating especially on higher voltage bar led's.
  3. Exposed SMD LEDS can easily get touched and the silicon lens can come away.
  4. Lack of adequate heat sinks or active cooling on many lamps will of course lower the lifespan of the lamp and reduce the output over time.



DaisyChain Multiple Units (exc SUN+ 300)
DaisyChain Multiple Units (exc SUN+ 300)

Multiple units can be linked together to allow for easier control and wiring in your installations.

Typically a customer would link up to 4 -12 units with push fit IP67 connectors.

Additional Cabling can be made to length.

If growing medicinal herbs in a 4ft x 4ft space you would typically use four units linked together, powered from 360 - 600w.

If growing edibles on a Danish garden trolley you would link 12 units powered at 50w per unit.

Bespoke versions are available for commercial enquiries, we can tailor the spectrum and output to meet your exact needs with any colour aside from ultrviolet.

Perfect Fit for any Racking System
Perfect Fit for any Racking System

Our flexible and modular system is designed to fit exactly where you need it when you need it, giving an unbeatable solution for the vertical growing market whether you are growing in Montel racking systems, Danish garden trollies or bespoke systems.

Small lightweight units can be linked together to drive from one power source, to illuminate your growing area with precision and uniformity on your plants canopy.

Elegant and clever design gives us IP68 units with zero light loss, ensuring a reliable and repeatable growing experience for many years.

So if your looking to lower your carbon footprint by saving energy we cant be beaten, not only is our efficacy the highest available, our lamps are built to last 10 years and come with a solid 10 year warranty.

Integral Hanging System
Integral Hanging System

Our lamps are very easy to hang and have four integral 8mm holes built in to hang them by.

Many customer have many different hanging reuqirements and for example if you are growing on a Danish trolley you could choose to simply screw or bolt the lamps to the shelves.

For home growers it is simple to cable tie a hanging kit of your choice to each corner of the lamp.

Our vertical farming lamps do not come with hanging kits.

Cabling and Connectors
Cabling and Connectors

All our SUN+ 300 lamps come with a 2m IEC Mains cable and a 2m long push fit cable from the lamp to the driver.

Our other vertical farming lamps come with a 2m IEC Mains cable, 2m push fit extension lead and 15cm power in and out push fit cables.

Different cable lengths can be supplied on demand for commerical enquiries.

All the cables and connectors we use are industry standard and in common use in led lamps across the globe.

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