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Sunlight Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Sunlight Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Nature vs Science the age old debate when it comes to growing plants indoors. Many growers prefer to grow their crops as naturally as possible including the use of organic foods and live cultures, but they are still left with indoor lamps that are in no way similar to sunlight. With our Sunlight Spectrum you can imitate nature as closely as possible indoors.
Our Sunlight Spectrum
Our Sunlight Spectrum

We use advanced sun like LED to achieve the best full spectrum output available in an LED Lamp.

The Suns Spectrum
The Suns Spectrum

Above you can see a true representation of the suns actual output, as you can see we manage to duplicate it very well aside from the UV.

Ongoing Research

Of course there is always much debate about which spectrum grows which strain of which plant the best and unfortunately with all the different combinations of plants, strains, environments and nutrients its still not an exact science.

We have the basic scientific principles of photosynthesis that have been well established fact for many years and used with great success by hobbyists and commercial growers all over the world growing under pink or purple lighting to save energy on unused bandwidths and maximize certain processes in the plants morphology.

However it is fair to say that many growers do very well indeed with a full spectrum, the better safe than sorry option that will grow almost any kind of plant without affecting the look and feel of the final product.

So with that in mind we provide the different options for the different growers with Complete Spectrum lights in our white range and Focused Spectrum lights in our pink range.

The Sun+ LED lights take this to the next level with a spectrum that is as close to organic for lighting as you can possible get giving an almost perfect replication of the suns natural output.

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