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lovely lights (SUN+ 1200)

Stars from danny

these are lovely lights, great spectrum that the plants are responding to well and very well built the heatsinks are huge compared to my lumatek and the sun plus runs much cooler

danny - Hobby Grower


fantastic light (PRO 1000XL)

Stars from brummiebubbles

Thought id take the plunge and get myself an led earlier this year and went for a cropmaster because its uk made, the results are fantastic and the plants under the hps next to it are leaning towards the led. If the yield comes in at a good weight i will definitely be getting another one

brummiebubbles - Hobby Grower


8 years happy (brand)

Stars from shiva

Ive been using lights from Budmaster since their first xg and god ranges al the way through to the cropmaster and now I have bought myself a bunch of sun+. Always great results and always great service

shiva - Hobby Grower


sunny bunnies (SUN+ 1200)

Stars from sunnybunny

Id been waiting for a real sunshine light for ages and now Ive got four and wow my plants are happy little sunny bunnies since I made the switch, I would highly recommend these lights bot both veg and bloom

sunnybunny - Hobby Grower


Winter Lights (PRO 1000XL)

Stars from seasonaljoe

These are great lights but it gets a bit hot in the summer so I use these as my winter lights and they are awesome and i use my 3 x telos as my summer lights.

seasonaljoe - Hobby Grower


Doing great (PRO 1000XL)

Stars from smasher420

Ive got a whole bunch of these in my grow room, six to be exact and they are totally smashing it.

smasher420 - Hobby Grower


Lovely little light (SUN+ 300)

Stars from nohangers

Its a really lovely little light and the colour of the light is amazing although it would be great if hanging kits were provided guys

nohangers - Hobby Grower


So much oil (SUN+ 1200)

Stars from mungojerry

Im blown away by the amount of extra oil on my plants since Ive been using these lights, its everywhere and wow its sticky.

mungojerry - Hobby Grower


Sugary leafs (SUN+ 1200)

Stars from peterpiper

Its all down my mid size shade leafs aswell as the tiny leafs. Me and my buddy both got some of these and seeing the same effects

peterpiper - Hobby Grower


Awesome for flowering (PRO 1000XL)

Stars from seymorsugar

I used to have Budmaster GOD‘s back in the day and thought I would try one of their new cropmasters. its a really nicely built light and is doing a great job in flowering but its a bit too much in a 120cm tent was getting a bit hot in the summer months so I had to upgrade my outtake to a 6 inch and all is well

seymorsugar - Hobby Grower


A great addition (SUN+ 300)

Stars from sunnydays

I really like the look of these so I got one to throw in with my hps and help expand the spectrum. The results so far are great happy healthy plants with visibly more sugar content on the flowers and leafs

sunnydays - Hobby Grower


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