LED Growing Tips

Environment is the Key

The ability to master your grow room environment is key to successful and repeatable crops year round. There are many factors involved in creating your perfect grow room and temperature and humidity are amongst the most important.

LED does allow greater control over the temperature of your room by virtue of the fact that led lamps do not produce so much uncontrollable heat but rather produce heat that can easily be managed and exhausted unlike traditional HPS lamps that are renowned for scorching the tops of your crops.

In essence it is always easier to warm your environment than it is to cool it down and led lamps allow for greater control of this factor, not only do they allow greater control of the temperature but they greatly reduce humidity as traditional HPS lamps with the direct heat to your plants can evaporate water and nutrients from your grow media.

Cold Roots Equals Small Fruits

As led does not output so much direct heat as traditional light sources you will want to check your root temperature when growing with LED.

You do not need any scientific equipment to achieve this simply place your hands on the plants pots and if they are cold then so are your roots and you become in danger of stifling your root growth.

A very simple and effective solution is to switch to fabric pots. You then get the added benefit of additional airflow to your root zone.

Check your Fan Controller

If you are switching from HPS to LED you will also want to re-adjust your fan controller as the room temperature will no longer be reaching the same extreme heights that HPS can produce.

Failure to check and change your fan controller will lead to failure of fresh air and carbon dioxide into your grow room.

Do Not Over Water

As LED emit less direct heat than HPS you will find there is less nutrient evaporation from your grow media.

With LED you are encouraged to start by watering your plants 30% less than you would water plants in the same room with your old HPS lamp.

Over watering can lead to root rot and stunted plants.

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