Horticultural Lights use Horticultural Metrics

Why are so many lighting companies measuring light in different ways and with different instrumentation etc?

Horticultural Lighting Metrics


Horticultural Lights need to be Measured Using Horticultural Metrics

At the moment a standard way of measuring light and the way it interacts in a horticultural environment does not exist. This is partly because horticultural led is a very young industry in comparison to standard lighting or standard horticultural lighting and partly because there are so many different types of led’s of which the use and applications give us many more variables and complexities to consider.

As a result of this there are more different measuring methods being used to gauge the efficacy of horticultural led lamps than there are different types of lamps and the number is growing every day.

Several governing bodies are working hard on ensuring that one day very soon we will all have a set standard of gauging metrics to comply to.

And of course different metric matter to different growers for example:

Commercial High Bay Grower Metric Requirements:

  1. Efficacy
  2. Yield Efficiency
  3. Logistical Efficiency
  4. PPF
  5. SPD (Spectral Power Distribution)
  6. Average PPFD
  7. TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  8. ROI (Return on Investment)
  9. LPD (Lighting Power Density)
  10. BTU
  11. Maintenance Costs

Domestic High Bay Grower Metric Requirements:

  1. Yield Efficiency
  2. LPD (Lighting Power Density)
  3. SPD (Spectral Power Distribution)
  4. Average PPFD
  5. Maintenance Costs

So generally, a domestic customer is not so concerned about saving energy as much as a commercial customer as there is no bottom line they need to adhere to other than achieving their yield goals on their set energy budget and they are more interested in biomass from an area as opposed to gram’s per watt.

Standard metrics that every horticultural led company should be adhering to as a bare minimum are listed below:

  1. Total PPF output of the lamp measured in µmol
  2. Average PPFD of the lamp measured in µmol/s-m2
  3. Spectrum of the lamp measured in nm
  4. Efficacy of the lamp measured in µmol/j

Depending on your requirements different metrics will have different priority for your project.

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