Cropmaster PRO 1000XL Focused Spectrum LED Grow Lights

The Ultimate High Bay LED Growing Solution for commercial Medical and Edible Growers.  Designed and manufactured in the UK.

he unique horticultural design of the Cropmaster PRO series makes them ideal for both indoor grow rooms and green houses. High efficacy of 2.5 - 3.2μmol/j.

A wide and evenly spread PPFD footprint (25sqft)  for very small lamp that weigh only 3.4kg and block very little natural light.

PRO 1000XL Specs

£1125 inc GB Taxes

Buy one  Cropmaster PRO 1000XL LED and light up a 120cm x 120cm to 150cm x 105cm space in your bloom room.

High Efficacy, Expert Spectrum and Uniform PPFD resulting in yields in excess of 1.7gpw.

Innovating not Imitating, Made in the UK

If your looking to replace your existing 600 - 1000w HPS fixtures then you will definitely need to be looking at high bay high power led to do this.  Its all about the amount of photons being emitted and although led is more efficient than HPS in order to get a large enough amount of photons to your plant you need a lot of power, which is why you need the best light for the job.

Our 10 years of working with and manufacturing LED Grow Lights has given us unprecedented knowledge in design for horticulture and it is visible in the photometric results as well as in the design of our lamps.

Due to greater energy production from the superior spectrum emitted from led lamps we can achieve  better results for less input power.

Maintaining efficacy with active cooling providing reliable and repeatable yields year on year.

We have designed the Cropmaster PRO 1000 range of lamps to effectively and easily replace your professional grade HPS in all factors including PPFD footprints.

Cropmaster PRO has been expertly engineered to give a wide and even 5ft x 5ft coverage area that significantly improves upon existing professional grade HPS results for the same area by providing a better spectrum yields are increased and maintained as is overall yield quality.

We achieve this by using High Power smd LED's with a 120 degree lens angle, combining this with our intelligent design that blocks 0% of the light emitted from the lamp we achieve a better footprint than any of our competitors in a much small form factor.

Cropmaster PRO 1000 Light Maps
Grow Room Light / PPFD Maps

Intelligent design gives a light perfect for vertical farming. Slimline, tough and durable our lights are designed to keep on performing year after year in the harshest of environments.

The protective cover and heatsinking combined with a hardcore 2mm thick pcb and 10 years of led experience gives a lamp that will drop little output and last for an extremely long time.

Cropmastr PRO 1000 Spectrum
Focused Red, White and Blue Spectrum

The Cropmaster High Bay range of lamps focus on a small physical footprint and a large and effective PPFD footprint, form and function comine to give a perfect high bay solution.

In order to do this we opted for a more efficient pink light spectrum with the main focus on the proven science of photosynthesis.  We use Luminus high efficacy high output led form the USA.


Exceptional Engineering

Cropmaster PRO 1000 harsh environments
Designed for Harsh Environments

Fan and vent holes on the top of lamps is a common design flaw in horticultural led and ultimately ensures a lower lifespan and nice home for insects, particulates and dust.

Typically when your led is switched off insects often make for the warm safe cosy area inside your lamp to make their new home and once inside can be hard to eject.

Our intelligent design with no vent holes on the top of our chassis ensuring that there is no ingress from particulates or moisture during light down time, and our cooling system ensures any particles or insects are automatically shredded and ejected. 

Cropmastr PRO 1000 air out
Superior Cooling for Maintained Efficacy

We use a tangential blower that operates from -20C to +60C, it's metal blade and splash proof motor make it an ideal fit for the extreme environments horticultural lamps operate in.

Our fans are designed and built in Germany by EBM-Papst who are legendary in the electronics world for making the best fans and blowers. 

These really are hardcore fans and in our extensive experience they fans just keep on going even when in extremely dusty or damp and infested environments. Click here to read more about maintaining efficacy.

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