Commercial Vertical Farming LED Grow Lights

A More Flexible Modular Vertical Farming System

Extreme High Efficacy: Increase Oil Production and Lower Costs

The unique horticultural design of the Budmaster Vertical Farming (VF) lamps gives a robust and long lasting lamp with high maintained efficacy and even PPFD distribution designed to fit seamlessly into your racking system.

Our modular system can be fitted to any size or shape of racking and we offer photometric modelling services to ensure the best fit thus maximizing your production whilst minimizing your energy consumption.

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Designed for Vertical Farming
Designed for Vertical Farming

Our flexible and modular system is designed to fit exactly where you need it when you need it, giving an unbeatable solution for the vertical growing market whether you are growing in Montel racking systems, Danish garden trollies or bespoke systems.

Units can be linked together to drive from one power source, precisely and uniformly  illuminating your crop.

Cever design gives us IP68 units with zero light loss, ensuring a reliable and repeatable growing experience for many years.

Dasychain multiple units
Daisychain Multiple Units

Multiple units can be linked together to allow for easier control and wiring in your installations. Typically a customer would link up to 4 -12 units with push fit IP67 connectors. Additional Cabling can be made to length.

If growing medicinal herbs in a 4ft x 4ft space you would typically use four units linked together, powered from 360 - 600w.

If growing edibles on a Danish garden trolley you would link 12 units powered at 50w per unit.

Bespoke Output Characteristics 

Bespopke Output Available
Grow Your Own Way

We manufacture the VF range in two standard formats as you can see in the tables below. We can tailor the output characteristics of your lamps to meet you exact requirements.

Higher efficacy of 3.4 - 3.8μmol/j can be achieved at extra cost.

Spectral output can be tailored to meet your requirements including the addition of Far Red 730nm diodes.

We use Luminus LED (USA) as standard in the Cropmaster PRO VF range, capable of running at currents of up to 3000ma compared to Osram (1500ma) , Samsung (1500ma) or Cree (2000ma).

PRO VF Footprint
Precisely Distributed PPFD Footprint

All of our lamps are designed to give a precise and evenly distributed PPFD to the canopy area, primarily through the use of led with a 120 degree lens and our zero light loss chassis..

Unbeatable Average PPFD using the latest diodes.

Dimming from master controllers, rack mount drivers or DC Micro Grids gives practically perfect PPFD control over all growth stages.

The VFP Series average PPFD up to 1,300 µmol/m2/s.

The VFW Series has an average PPFD up to 1,100 µmol/m2/s.

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