Horticultural LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights designed and manufactured in the UK

Reliable and Repeatable

All business's require stability and that is often brought by a consist supply of services and materials. We ensure consistency of your crop providing a reliable and repeatable yield year on year.

10 Years Experience

10 year expereince in desiging and building LED Grow lights. The staff at Budmaster LED are all trained professionals who excel in their field. We offer experience in both horticulture and electronic design and engineering.

LED Grow Lights for Home and Professional Growers
Ideal for Home Growers and Professionals

Our range of off the shelf Vertical Farming LED Grow Lights are also ideal for using in grow tents or general domestic environments.

Vertical Farming LED Grow Lights for Professional Growers
Hard Core Vertical Farming Solutions

Tough, Durable, Intelligent design with efficacy up to 3.4 ╬╝mol/j Modular Flexible Growing System.

LED Grow Lights for  Professional Growers
High Bay,  High Efficacy LED Grow Lights 

The Cropmaster PRO 1000XL range of lamps effectively replaces your professional grade HPS in all factors including PPFD footprints.

Simply Better Vertical Farming LED Grow Lights for Professional Growers
Intelligent Design and Superior Engineering

Our 10 years of working with and manufacturing LED Grow Lights has given us unprecedented knowledge in design for horticulture .


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