Superior Engineering and Setting the Standard

As many of you know we are always striving to make a better light, grow better plants and save more energy while doing so. We use only the highest quality components and materials in our build and endeavour to manufacture as much in the UK and Europe as possible.

We work with several UK factories to provide our metals, plastics and electronics. This gives our lights an incredibly low carbon footprint and our waste materials are next to none compared to importinf from the far east. For example making our own heat sinks and lens here in North Wales within 1.5 miles of our base means a reduced cost on fuel and packaging waste.

Since sourcing and manufacture in the UK was complete we were pleasantly surprised to see that we can make things here in the UK at a competitive price to the Far East but of course with completely protected IP and guaranteed ROHS materials.

Made by Marl
Designed, Tested and Manufactured in the UK

We design all our lamps from the ground up here in our base in North Wales and we source primarily UK manufacturers for components and raw materials.

Our lamps are then manufactured to exacting standard by Marl International ( in Cumbria as of December 2016.

One of the reasons we picked Marl to manufacture our PCB and lamps is simply that they are the best that Europe has to offer and have been working in the led industry since 1970.

With highly skilled and conscientious staff at every level of their business they truly work as one large family all focused on led perfection, couple this with their state of the art SMT centre running three complete production line SMT systems and the end results is truly exceptional.

Every step of every process is documented and tested thoroughly to comply with ISO 9001, CE, ROHS and CUL / UL legislations ensuring a 100% safe and quality end result. For example every single board that is produced for us is then tested in a purpose built jig to ensure high quality standards and then each board in each batch is allocated and assessed individually before being signed off by an experienced operator.

SMT Line Boards Going In SMT Line Board Hopper SMT Batch Setup
SMT Line Boards Going In SMT Line Board Hopper SMT Batch Setup
Populated Boards Emerge Boards are sent to the Oven Boards Emerge with LED Firmly Adhered
Populated Boards Emerge Boards are sent to the Oven Boards Emerge with LED Firmly Adhered
Each Jig is Tested Test Jig Multiple  
Each Jig is Tested Test Jig Multiple  
Osram SSL80 LED

We have been using the Osram LED Horticultural family for quite a while now in Budmaster and as expected this technology has proved itself to be the current world leader in horticultural led time and time again. Incredible results from a tiny package using the same power as a normal 3w led but giving more than double the output.

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  3. Osram Hyper Red.
  4. Osram Red.
  5. Osram Deep Blue.
  6. Osram Street White.
  7. Osram 2400k.
Citiled the Light Engine

This year we have embraced the C.O.B but not just any C.O.B but of course only the best available will do for Budmaster so after meeting Citiled a couple of years ago we started on a little journey together.

Citiled are the inventors of the C.O.B and hold patents on the most efficient arrangement of the led dice behind the phosphor layer add this to their superior C.O.B engineering and year on year they win the highest Luminous Efficacy award for their C.O.B's.

We are now offering 50w Citiled S4 High CRI C.O.B in our Budmaster units and this will shortly be followed by a horticultural C.O.B from Citiled.

Nanoco Technologies

Nanoco Technologies are the world leaders in CFQD technology, they are UK based and manufacture is done in Manchester and Runcorn.

CFQD is Cadmium Free Quantum Dot LED (Nano Crystals) that is appearing in the latest incarnation of UHD Television sets, providing clearer more exact colours for TV and a perfectly tailored spectral output for our lights.

We have already embraced this technology in a range of small strip lights for use on propagators and later this year will be providing light engines for Budmaster using a combination of the Quantum Dots and Osram LED.