Method 7 Cultivator LED Grow Room Glasses
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Budmaster M7CLED

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Color, Clarity and Protection

Method Seven technology blends incredible color balancing for each of the standard grow lighting spectrums (HPS, Metal Halide, LED, Sun) with exceptionally high quality lenses that provide the best in optical clarity. Additionally, Method Seven protection removes all harmful UV A/B rays like most others but additionally also removes harmful UVC rays which are filtered out of sunlight by the upper atmosphere, but pose a significant hazard under grow lighting. 

Many growers suffer through unnecessary stress, fatigue, decreased yield, and even permanent eye injury from using sunglasses or cheaper knock-off grow room glasses. At best, even premium sunglasses attenuate (decrease) excess light in the grow room but do a horrible job of color balancing in indoor lighting environments, leading not only to discomfort and stress, but also to poor viewing and maintenance of your plants. Cheap grow room glasses do an okay job of color balancing, but typically have very poor optical quality and inadequate protection from UVC rays. 


Optics & Spectrum Info


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Here at Budmaster LED we design our lights with the grower and the space they are trying to cover in mind. For example all of our lights are specifically designed to fit certain common growing areas such as 80cm x 80cm, 1.2m x 1.2m and 1.5m x 1.5m.

We generally recommend that your plants grow no closer than 2ft to the light to make best use of the output, however strong healthy plants can grow right into the light with very little adverse effect on the plants.

To get the right amount of light to your plants at the right time consult the chart below.

Seedling Stage average light required = 50µmol/m2/s  
Vegetative Stage average light required = 200 – 400µmol/m2/s
Bloom Stage average light required = 800 – 1000µmol/m2/s
Over 1000µmol/m2/s then add carbon dioxide to see a huge increase in yield.

So by consulting the chart below we can see that in bloom for best results the COB-X-9 should be around 18 inches above the canopy and the GOD-9 should be 3ft above the canopy.
Budmaster PPFD Readings

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