Modularity and Redundancy

Modularity refers to the use of exchangeable parts or options in the fabrication of an object such as our Budmaster LED Grow Lights.

We hear the word modularity a lot in our modern world, in every industry imaginable, this is because as our modern age dawned it soon became apparent that to succeed in any kind of manufacturing process that modularity is the key to success in more ways than one:

  1. Modularity allows for speedy design.
  2. Modularity allows faster and easier assembly.
  3. Modularity generally allows for a better redundancy model
  4. And most important of all Modularity allows for a better end user experience.

Modularity benefits the growers by giving them peace of mind that in the event that any failure should occur it is fast and easy to repair and in our case means having no knowledge of electronics or assembly to repair a light.

Modularity also benefits Budmaster customers by allowing them to easily upgrade parts in their lights to any new component parts we bring to the market at any time now or in the future, this is the promise we made to our customers from the very start that all our lights will be upgradeable and interchangeable allowing multiple options to the end user and their plants.

Superior Modular Design   Modular System

There are many modular led grow lights on the market but Budmaster has the best modular build and solderless construction allowing easy manufacture and repair or upgrade.

Each light engine in Budmaster is a complete stand-alone light, so for example the light engine also has a fan mounted to the heat sink so everything that is needed to run the light engine is contained in one nice modular unit.

So with our 1-1 driver and light engine model we have superior modularity that can be reduced or extended to any size, allowing an almost endless possibility of configurations.

And of course this kind of modular system allows the customer to build their own bespoke system effortlessly.

We use only UL approved connectors and wiring in our build.

100% Redundancy 1-1 Redundancy Model

Our redundancy model is second to none, with one driver to one light engine so unlike many traditional  led grow lights when you lose a driver or led in Budmaster it only effects one light engine, this means that your plant can carry on growing with very little loss of light for the three - four days it takes for your replacement parts to arrive.

Redundancy is at the heart of any good engineering project and with our years of experience in LED it is the only obvious choice when building horticultural lighting.