Bespoke Installations and Builds

Here at Budmaster LED we make our own lights from components mainly manufactured and sourced in the UK.

With considerable manufacturing and 3D CAD design expertise in house we are now able to offer bespoke lighting solutions and produce prototypes in a reasonable time frame, so anything from changing the colour ratio in an existing unit to making a completely new unit to your own design and specifications.

Of course all CE, ROHS, UL and CUL parts are used in the construction of everything we do so certification after manufacture is simply a formality.


Modification of Existing Units

Existing Budmaster and Cropmaster units can be modified to suit your specific needs, so for example if you are growing Wasabi or African violets we can customise the spectrum and output power to suit your needs.

As our build is 100% modular we can offer many modification options including:

  1. Bespoke led ratio in any of our light engines.
  2. Any type of led you would like in a light engine.
  3. Any fans option within 80x80mm fan sizes.
  4. IP68 rating possible by applying conformal coatings to electronic parts at risk of water ingress.
  5. Eyenut enabled cloud controlled wifi for larger installations.

Bespoke Light Engine Installations

For quite some time now people have been buying Budmaster light engines and making their own units or fitting them into ceiling panels and wardrobes etc, now with our improved modularity it is even easier than ever to create your own bespoke Budmaster lighting solution.

We are happy to provide customised lighting harnesses of any size for your bespoke installation whether it be in your custom grow room or your hotel lobby we can provide an elegant seamless solution to suit your needs.

Of course simple installations that require just a few light engines are very simple to DIY as we now provide mains cables with push fit connectors on the end to attach to your light engines.

3D Design & Printing Services

3D CAD is at the heart of all manufacturing process and saves a considerable amount of time and money over traditional design methods, we use the Autodesk suite of applications to take ideas from your head into the next stage of pre-production models.

Putting your ideas into digital CAD files is a sure fire way to test your customers response to new ideas before going any further into the manufacture process.

Here at Budmaster we have a considerable amount of expertise in 3D design and can offer these services to our customers to either help design a new lighting unit for you, or just about any other object you would like to see spring into life.

3D printing is the next stage that we use to ensure that all your component parts fit correctly before having expensive die's and moulds commissioned, smaller items can be printed in house at our base, larger items are outsourced.      

We Can Build a Light for You

Want your own quality UK made led brand then look no further we can build a light for you to suit your need. From conception to prototype to manufacture there is nothing we cant do here at Budmaster LED.

And don’t be scared of UK manufacturing prices as now the UK and other parts of the EU are very competitive on the prices of metal fabrication and plastic moulding.

With our local contacts in metals, plastics and led we can bring a new component to life for a very competitive price, using our own collection of modular bolsters we can retro-fit new die's and moulds at an unbelievably low price, so for example if your required lens mold is not much larger than ours we can cut the cost to manufacture by around 30%.

So want your own light built and associated with the EU's leading brand then contact us.