Budmaster HC (Horticultural COB)

The new Citiled Horticultural COB is far and above the best horticultural COB on the market. Giving huge amounts of evenly distributed PPF from a small, compact and long lasting package as you would expect from the inventors of the COB. The immediate benefits are:

More efficient than standard white COB due to a higher amount of useable PPF.

The warm creamy pink light from the COB makes plant inspection simple at any time.

Efficient, long lasting and well researched phosphor specifically designed for horticulture.

Click here for Photometric readings for our HC light engines, ies and elumdat files available upon request.


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Budmaster HC-4

Budmaster HC-4£650.00

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Budmaster HC-6

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Budmaster HC-8

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Budmaster HC-9

Budmaster HC-9£1,150.00

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