Budmaster G.O.D Unbeatable Efficiency, Quality, Longevity and Results

Our Budmaster G.O.D series of Horticultural LED Lamps are undoubtedly the most efficient and high quality horticultural led lamps available on the market.

Not only do we have more consistent  efficiency levels at  1.89µmol/j combined with a led lifespan of 100,000 hours lowers your total cost of ownership considerably more  than any other horticultural led lamp on the market.

Our superior build  ensures that our lamps continue to give you repeatable and reliable results year on year by dropping less than 1% output per year. 

Our lamps are all UK designed and built ensuring the highest quality standards available in the industry, this shows in the durability and longevity of our light engines, in 4 years of trading we have not lost a single osram diode to failure of any kind and have thousands of very happy customers all over the globe.

Our custom built secondary lens ensures that an absolute minimum of light is wasted on reflectance (6% – 20% can be wasted on reflectance from walls).

Click here for Photometric readings for our GOD light engines, ies and elumdat files available upon request.


Budmaster G.O.D-4

Budmaster G.O.D-4£745.00

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Budmaster G.O.D-6

Budmaster G.O.D-6£1,040.00

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Budmaster G.O.D-8

Budmaster G.O.D-8£1,325.00

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Budmaster G.O.D-9

Budmaster G.O.D-9£1,550.00

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