Budmaster EM (Emerson Edition)

Our Budmaster Emerson (EM) series is primarily designed as an experimental or stimulation light for growers who wish to simulate the Emerson Effect.

The Emerson effect is named after ‘Robert Emerson’ who first discovered the effect in 1957.

Using the Osram SSL150 (Wide Spread Lens) in conjunction with an M4 MCPET reflector (more than 99% reflective material) and our standard modular build the new Budmaster EM is efficient and reliable and provides the perfect lighting spectra and output for you bloom-rooms.

Infra-red and UV led are notorious for running hot so we have extra powerful fans and our standard pin fin heat sinks keep the led running at a cool steady temperature which will give a minimum 3 year lifespan.

Click here for Photometric readings for our EM light engines, ies and elumdat files available upon request.