Budmaster COB-X Series

In our new design a cluster of 12 Osram Surface Mounted COB provide higher output than a traditional 50w COB whilst giving a Tri-Mix of colour temperatures to provide an output spectrum closer to the sunlight than a traditional COB.

The immediate benefits are:

  1. The spectral output is closer to sunlight by mixing colour temperatures within the array than using any larger single cobs.
  2. Greater efficiency in the same small footprint, more light out for the same power in. The total output exceeds that of normal 50w COB.
  3. COBS Mounted with the same solder pad technology as the Osram SSL80 family to a triple layer MCPCB, meaning a longer lifespan and faster build.
  4. Better thermal management due to the mounting technology it eliminates any possibility of thermal spikes.

Download COB-X Series Datasheet Here

OD Spectra