Budmaster Blue Moon

Our Budmaster Blue Moon (BM) series is primarily designed as a 'Mother Plant' or 'Veg' light, giving an enough predominant blue spectral output you can ensure that your precious 'Mothers' always stay in veg mode. We add to this a combination of white and far red diodes to provide an evenly balanced spectrum ideal for all your pre-bloom growth stages.

Using the Osram SSL150 (Wide Spread Lens) in conjunction with an M4 MCPET reflector (more than 99% reflective material) and our standard modular build the new Budmaster BM is efficient and reliable and provides the perfect lighting spectra and output for your pre bloom-rooms.

Other uses for Budmaster BM are as a moonlight simulation spectra, this is often useful for various animal and plant production as well as for studio lighting and special effects.

The robust and quality build ensures and continued and repeatable yield year on year with minimal output drop over time.

The long warranty and UK build and servicing ensure happy customers and a competitively priced product that will grow happy and healthy plants for years to come.

  1. 200 - 300% more PPFD output than traditional 3w led's for the same consumption.
  2. Longer lifespan with lower degradation. (only 4% in 30 months compared to 20% in 12 months with low quality led).
  3. Smaller footprint than any other led in its class.
  4. 100,000 hrs lifespan double the usual standard of 50,000 hrs.
  5. Integrated solderpads for exact fitting.
  6. Exact horticultural wavelengths guaranteed.


Budmaster Blue Moon Spectral Output