Crop Master LL-SP35
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Crop Master LL-SP35Crop Master LL-SP35Crop Master LL-SP35

Crop Master LL-SP35

Our Price:  £350.00 (inc 20% VAT)

LED's:  81 x Lumileds Sunplus 35
PPF (Total):  80.3Ámol
PPF (Efficiency):  1.73Ámol/j
IP Rating:  IP68 (Submersible)
Energy Used:  46.37w
Input Voltage:  90 - 305v
Material:  Makrolon Polycarbonate
Dimensions:  1.5 x 33 x 45cm
Warranty:  5 Years
Release Date:  03/01/2018

Weight:  1.25kg


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The Cropmaster LL series are designed specifically for the multi tiered shelf grower, the sleek slimline design can allow for up to 50% more shelf space compared to traditinal CFL solutions and up to 30% more shelf space compared to other current led solutions.

With only 15mm total depth and virtuall zero heat generated from the leds you can screw the small units up to the shelf above (saving even more room by eliminating hangers) without overheating the growing media of the plants on the upper shelf.

Low level also of course means low power consumption and we can attain PPFD levels in the target area of 100 - 200 Ámol/m2/s using less 50w of total input power.

PPFD Output

Designed for Low Level Vertical Farming

Perfectly blended spectra gives perfect colour distribution allowing the lights to be extremely close to your plants, conventional horticultural led are mono (blue, red, white, green etc) and always contain an uneven ratio of mono led colours, so when the lamps are close you will not get enough of the less dominant colours to your plants canopy meaning that you in turn then have to raise the lamp higher to get an even spectral distribution.

With our unique low level lamps you can literally put the lamps to the height where you know your canopy will grow to for your desired stage of growth and be safe in the knowledge that there will be no heat stress to the plants below or above your lamp.

Our Cropmaster LL-SP35 ships with a default Chlora A/B spectrum which suits many growers needs.

For commercial customers simply contact us with your requirements in PPFD and Spectral output and we will tailor your lamps to suit your ever growing needs. 

Designed for Extreme Environments

Form and function combine to give a sophisticated and elegant chassis that not only protect the lights core components but also protects the lamp from the elements. 

The result is a truly beautiful lamp that would grace anyone’s growing area ensuring both plants and humans are stimulated by the light.

Tough and Functional Makrolon Body Tough Body

The one piece injection molded Polycarbonate Markrolon grade body acts both as a lens and a chassis for the lamp.

Mkrolon Polycarbonate is super tough and will endure the harshest of treatments without cracking or discoloring, were not joking you can drive a truck over this material without breaking it.

Light transmission levels of 92%+ are on the same equivalent as standard PMMA but with a much tougher and more durable end fixture.

IP68 Waterproof Lamp IP68

The Chassis is designed to repel water featuring no possible ingress from above and a smart exterior design incorporating moulded eye hangers and drip rings.

The PCB is sealed an mounted with a thin layer of silicon and compressed with with multiple screws securing the PCB to the chassis, wiring enters via IP68 waterproof cable glands.


Greater Efficiency = Greater GPW

Of course power efficiency is key to commercial grow operations where whatever crops you are growing then more GPW is what you are always trying to achieve, it therefore follows that the more efficient your lamp in its PPF and SPD the greater your GPW will become.

Using a combination of technical expertise and high quality components and raw materials we achieve incredibly low led junction temperatures that increase our micromole's per joule giving us the highest efficiency on the market  and of course a longer led lifespan.

We combine great power efficiency with expertise logistical efficiency with our lamps overall build and design giving a wide and effective PPFD footprint in the target area ensuring that the light penetrates to the lower canopies ensuring precious photons hit all of your leaf surface.

ies files available upon request.

Designed, Tested and Manufactured in the UK

We design all our lamps from the ground up here in our base in North Wales and we source primarily UK manufacturers for components and raw materials.

Our lamps are then manufactured to exacting standard by Marl International ( in Cumbria.

One of the reasons we picked Marl to manufacture our PCB and lamps is simply that they are the best that Europe has to offer and have been working in the led industry since 1970.

With highly skilled and conscientious staff at every level of their business they truly work as one large family all focused on led perfection, couple this with their state of the art SMT centre running three complete production line SMT systems and the end results is truly exceptional.

Every step of every process is documented and tested thoroughly to comply with ISO 9001, CE, ROHS and CUL / UL legislations ensuring a 100% safe and quality end result. For example every single board that is produced for us is then tested in a purpose built jig to ensure high quality standards and then each board in each batch is allocated and assessed individually before being signed off by an experienced operator.

SMT Line Boards Going In SMT Line Board Hopper SMT Batch Setup
Populated Boards Emerge Boards are sent to the Oven Boards Emerge with LED Firmly Adhered
Each Jig is Tested Test Jig Multiple  

Integrated Sphere and Goniophotometer report for Cropmaster LL-SP35

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