Crop Master ++ HB
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Crop Master ++ HB

Our Price:  £1,600.00 (inc 20% VAT)

LED's:  Lumileds Sunplus 20 Series
Coverage:  Variable
Energy Used:  Up to 414w
Input Voltage:  90 - 264
Voltage:  Variable
Amps:  Variable
Warranty:  5 Years
MF Part No:  CM-HB++
Material:  Polycarbonate
Certs:  CE, ROHS
IP Rating:  IP67

Weight:  4kg


Released 02/10/2017  

Our years of experience designing and manufacturing horticultural led lamps has led us to create a series of professional grow lamps that combine both function and form to generate slick seamless lamps that are not only highly functional but also extremely energy efficient guaranteeing maximum GPW whatever crops you may be growing.

Our Cropmaster range of horticultural led lamps are designed for professional and commercial growers.

We have left no stone unturned in the design of our Cropmaster ++ range of led which provide a perfect fit for gardeners the world over, allowing the form and function of both the environment and the lamps core components to dictate the form of the lamp.

Designed to withstand the harsh environments that modern green houses and grow room create, all of our Cropmaster lamps are IP65 rated and above and come with tough plastic functional bodies, waterproof, splash proof components and an additional conformal coating.

EasyPPFD Smart and Dynamic Control  

Software is everything in this modern age of horticultural lighting. Led has opened the door to a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to growing healthier, tastier and happier plants.

We have developed simple to use software that will allow users to control lamps or groups of lamps and to also harvest data from the environment to allow for more exact yield to yield comparisons.

Our new range of Cropmaster ++ lamps boast many advanced features including:

  1. Dynamic Spectrum Control.
  2. Smart Responsive Lighting.
  3. Advanced Data Harvesting.
  4. Smart PPFD Maintenance.
  5. Spectral Event Scheduling.
  6. Wireless Object Response.
  7. Choose BLE or Zigbee Mesh.


Exact Horticultural Wavelengths with Lumileds Sunplus 20  

The new Sunplus series of horticultural led from Lumileds really stand out in the crowd boasting many features other SMD lack and giving exceptionally high performance at their binned current levels.

All Lumileds horticultural led are binned on PPF which is a first in the industry, each led is powered up and tested for PPF output before being placed in the correct bin, this ensures 100% reliability of efficiency.

Lumileds are one of the few companies that bin led's by powering them up and physically testing the output, many led's are binned based upon their physical colour which means there can be a huge variation in output.

Standalone or Rackmount Driving Options  

We like to stay ahead of the times and provide the latest high quality and dependable options to our customers.

So we can offer a 93% + efficient powered driving solution with our Cropmaster ++ HB lamps or if your project requires standalone rack mount drivers we can build these in the UK to levels of 95% + efficiency with our build and manufacture partners Marl International (

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