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CropMaster ++

Our Price:  £2,000.00 (inc 20% VAT)

LED's:  Osram SSL Horticultural LED
PPF (Total):  700
IP Rating:  IP65
Input Voltage:  90 - 264
Amps:  Variable
Warranty:  5 Years
Certs:  CE, ROHS
Release Date:  10/01/2018

Weight:  5kg


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Cropmaster ++ Advanced LED Grow Lamps

Our years of experience designing and manufacturing horticultural led lamps has led us to create a series of professional grow lamps that combine both function and form to generate slick seamless lamps that are not only highly functional but also extremely energy efficient guaranteeing maximum GPW whatever crops you may be growing.

These lights replace professional grade 600w HPS, higher µmol levels with a superior spectrum and no heat stress guarantees a greater and repeatable yield year on year.

Form and function combine to give a sophisticated and elegant chassis that not only protect the lights core components but also protects the lamp from the elements. 

The result is a truly beautiful lamp that would grace anyone’s growing area ensuring both plants and humans are stimulated by the light.

Our Cropmaster ++ lamps are designed for research and development and boast many advanced control features and data sources:

  1. Superior colour control with 6 bands:
    1. Amber
    2. Deep Blue
    3. Far Red
    4. True Green
    5. Hyper Red
    6. White
  2. Multuple Schedules
  3. Multiple Events
  4. Gesture Control:
    1. White led's for inspection mode
  5. Data Harvesting
    1. Environmental data sources
    2. Lamp data sources
  6. Wireless Mesh
    1. No hubs or cables
    2. BLE or Zigbee
    3. IOT Enabled


Osram SSL Horticultural LED

With Osram led's every diode can be guaranteed to hit the exact wavelength and bandwidth that are needed for optimal photosynthesis as they are specifically designed for horticulture.

With the Osram led’s that we are using they are designed to be on for long periods of time and have a lifespan of double a normal led at a staggering 100,000 hours with very minimal drop in output over time of less than 1% per year with our cooling system.

In fact these led’s are so good that they are guaranteed to never drop below 25% of their overall output within their lifespan.

So with a combination of 6 different osram diodes in our custom ratio we create a perfect multi spectrum for growh and bloom giving you a one light fits all solution to simplify your indoor medical grow areas.

Different ratios can be ordered for custom projects for where our standard ratio is not suitable.

Water Repellent Chassis Gutters

The Chassis is designed to repel water featuring no possible ingress from above and a smart exterior design incorporating moulded eye hangers and gutters.

Gutters surround the eye hangers  to channel any moisture that may find its way down your hanging wire to the front of the lamp where it is immediately expelled by the air outtake.

No Ingress Top of Cropmaster HB

Due to the smart cooling design, there is absolutely no need for any fan or vent holes on the top of our chassis ensuring that there is no ingress from particulates or moisture during light down time. 

For example, if you have a lamp with a fan where the vents are on the top of the lamp then when the lamp is sleeping particulates and insects can easily make their way into your lamp causing an accumulation that can lead to premature failure or malfunction.

Size and Weight

Keeping overall lamp size to an absolute minimum give you not only a lower cost and light weight lamp but also the small physical footprint ensuring that only the bare minimum of sunlight is blocked by our lamp.

As you can see our lamps are very compact and weigh in at 5kg, the use of an external driver also reduces the lamp size and allow for a lower cost maintenance free lamp installation.

Extreme Environment Capable Blower Papst Blower

This heatsink works in combination with a tangential blower from EBM-Papst.

The operating conditions for this blower are from -20C to +60C, it's metal blade and splash proof motor make it an ideal fit for the extreme environments horticultural lamps can be place in..

EBM-Papst are a German company that excel in producing high quality and long-lasting fans and blowers for many different global markets.  They are undisputedly the world’s number one in fan and blower design and production.

Efficienct Heat Sink Bespoke Heat Sinks

At the core of our cooling system is of course a bespoke Aluminium Extrusion style heatsink that is anodized to provide a longer and more effective lifespan. 

The heat sink is designed to perfectly fit each lead string ensuring maximum heat transmission up the fins and then out of the lamp.

Advanced PCB

We use advanced technologies in our PCB to ensure that the led junction temperature is managed in the most efficient manner possible.

We also machine place thermal gel cooling pads on the rear of our PCB to ensure maximum heat transition from the led’s to the heatsink eliminating any possibility of thermal spikes.

Your in the Driving Seat

Electrical and logistical efficiency are the two main goals when designed horticultural led lamps. With that in mind we offer rack mount driving options for commercial growers using 20+ lamps.

Using rack mount drivers brings new options and possibilities whilst increasing electrical and logistical efficiency and lowering maintenance costs.

Rack mount drivers can bring many benefits to your grow op including:

  1. Increased logistical efficiency:
    1. Drivers are kept in a separate room on ground level
  2. Increased electrical efficiency:
    1. Rack mount drivers are more efficient
    2. Efficiency can be increased again by adding air con to the driver room
  3. Lower maintenance costs:
    1. Failures are dealt with at ground level:
      1. No disruption to your plants
      2. No additional labour costs
  4. Cloud Control:
    1. Easy GUI for output configuration
    2. Sunrise and Sunset


Single Driver Option Artesyn LCC600
24KW Rack Mount Option with Artesyn iHP

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