Budmaster G.O.D-9
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 Budmaster G.O.D-9Budmaster G.O.D-9 

Budmaster G.O.D-9

Our Price:  £1,225.00 (inc 20% VAT)

Bar Code:  635346597428
LED's:  Osram SSL Horticultural LED
Avg PPFD Transparent / Mylar:  548 / 1029Ámol/s-m2 at 60cm
PPF (Total):  820Ámol
Efficacy:  1.89Ámol/j
Energy Used:  433.62w
Amps:  2 Amps
Dimensions:  48 x 49 x 6cm
Target Area:  120 x 120 x 200cm Space
Replaces:  Replaces 600w PRO HPS

Weight:  9kg


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Our Budmaster G.O.D series of Horticultural LED Lamps are undoubtedly the most efficient and high quality horticultural led lamps available on the market.

Professional grade components in a domestic form factor combine to give an exceptional product for indoor growers with the high-quality levels required by todays horticultural market.

Not only do we have more consistent efficacy at 1.89µmol/j combined with a led lifespan of 100,000 hours lowers your total cost of ownership considerably more than any other horticultural led lamp on the market.

Our superior build ensures that our lamps continue to give you repeatable and reliable results year on year by dropping less than 1% output per year. 

GOD Spectrum

The high tech German engineering behind the Osram family of led we use in our lamps in un-paralleled within the horticultural LED market and our considerable expertise in the use of Osram led leads to an exceptional end product.

Our lamps are all UK designed and built ensuring the highest quality standards available in the industry, this shows in the durability and longevity of our light engines, in 4 years of trading we have not lost a single osram diode to failure of any kind and have thousands of very happy customers all over the globe.

Osram SSL Horticultural LED

With Osram led's every diode can be guaranteed to hit the exact wavelength and bandwidth that are needed for optimal photosynthesis as they are specifically designed for horticulture.

With the Osram led’s that we are using they are designed to be on for long periods of time and have a lifespan of double a normal led at a staggering 100,000 hours with very minimal drop in output over time of less than 1% per year with our cooling system.

In fact these led’s are so good that they are guaranteed to never drop below 25% of their overall output within their lifespan.

So with a combination of 6 different osram diodes in our custom ratio we create a perfect multi spectrum for growh and bloom giving you a one light fits all solution to simplify your indoor medical grow areas.

Different ratios can be ordered for custom projects for where our standard ratio is not suitable.


European Made Drivers

A good driver is at the heart of every lighting system, we use drivers made in Europe from ELT, excellent output characteristics and a warranty of five years make them an ideal choice for indoor horticultural applications.

The drivers have many additional features including:

  1. Thermal protection.
  2. Overload protection.
  3. Short circuit protection.
  4. Zero flicker.



Designed, Tested and Manufactured in the UK

We design all our lamps from the ground up here in our base in North Wales and we source primarily UK manufacturers for components and raw materials.

Our lamps are then manufactured to exacting standard by Marl International (www.leds.co.uk) in Cumbria.

One of the reasons we picked Marl to manufacture our PCB and lamps is simply that they are the best that Europe has to offer and have been working in the led industry since 1970.

With highly skilled and conscientious staff at every level of their business they truly work as one large family all focused on led perfection, couple this with their state of the art SMT centre running three complete production line SMT systems and the end results is truly exceptional.

Every step of every process is documented and tested thoroughly to comply with ISO 9001, CE, ROHS and CUL / UL legislations ensuring a 100% safe and quality end result. For example every single board that is produced for us is then tested in a purpose built jig to ensure high quality standards and then each board in each batch is allocated and assessed individually before being signed off by an experienced operator.

SMT Line Boards Going In SMT Line Board Hopper SMT Batch Setup
Populated Boards Emerge Boards are sent to the Oven Boards Emerge with LED Firmly Adhered
Each Jig is Tested Test Jig Multiple  
A good spectrum is the reason that tier 1 led can beat its HPS counterparts with as little as 70% of the same power consumption, so for example a good quality tier 1 led fixture outputting average 700 Ámol/s-m2 average can beat a Professional HPS 600w Fixture (1000 Ámol/s-m2 average ) in warm to hot environments or controlled environments as long as it provides an equivalent footprint.
Spectral Output for Budmaster GOD
Spectral Output for market leading 600w PRO HPS

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