Budmaster II Officially the best LED Grow Light in the world
World's Best Results

As all our hundreds of happy customers will tell you 'You cant beat a Budmaster'.

We get customers continually telling us how amazed they are with the increase in their yield and decrease in their energy bill, as you can see by our authentic led grow diaries they are all 100% correct

And now with Budmaster II we truly cant't be beaten in any way and we stand tall above all our legitimate and dodgy competitors as you can see by our many reviews and grow journals.

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World's Highest PAR Output

Due to more hydroponic gardeners learning about PAR we have switched our website from LUX based data to PAR based data so enjoy.

Budmaster II has more PAR than any other grow light as you can see from our PAR chart, check out our YouTube videos for HPS and Budmaster.

Our reliable ratio, cluster design and brand new 3w diodes from Epiled and Bridgelux just cant be beaten :)

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World's Best Redundancy

All other cluster led grow lights use 1 power pack to 2 cluster standard model.

This has obvious disadvantages such as if 1 led fails you lose 2 led clusters or if the power supply fails you lose 2 led clusters.  With Budmaster II we have used a bit more common sense.

In our lights we have made the led clusters larger so they are now 1 power supply to each led cluster giving superior modularity and redundancy.

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World's Best Modularity

Many led lights pretend to be modular but still require the customer to take the whole light apart and navigate a veritable bird's nest of wiring!!

Well with our lights there is full plug and play modularity, no messy wiring no un-wieldy case opening just pure unbeatable 100% modularity.

All our led clusters and power supplies simply unscrew from the front or rear of the unit to be easily replaced.

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World's Best Price

Our investment in greater modularity means lower production costs which we of course pass on to our customers unlike our greedy competitors.

Budmaster II are officially the best prices LED Grow Light in the world considering the overall quality and performance of the lights.

Of course you can buy a cheap led light from eBay but the quality and results will of course match the low price.

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World's Best Quality

We can now boast that the build quality of our Budmaster II LED Grow Lights exceeds that of any other grow light available today, and believe me we have tested them all.

We have spared no expense in ensuring only the best quality components go into our new Budmaster II Lights.

Click here to see our 4G led grow light comparison and judge for yourself.

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Green Giant Hydroponics

We also sell our lights from our hydroponic store in Llandudno Junction, North Wales, so dont forget we can also fulfill all your hydroponic needs.

So if you want to come and have a look at our lights and inspect the growth of our chilli plants feel free to come along and see us, we might even make you a cup of tea:)

Helpful LED Growing Tips & Advice

Scared of making the switch to led, then dont worry here at Budmaster we pride ourselves in giving reliable help and tips to our customers and to anyone who is interested in growing with leds.

In our articles section you will find tips and information about led grow lights, growing with leds, general grow tips and grow room safety tips. You can also subscribe to our RSS feeds.

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