News Headlines: 
>  Superior Engineering

We have raised the Bar with our new Osram led versions on our new Budmaster OD and G.O.D range combining German and UK engineering for superior quality.

>  LED Information and Help

Many of you may never have heard of led grow lights before and are wondering how led grow lights work and why they are beneficial to plant growth.

>  Outstanding Results

You can't beat a Budmaster is what we say and as you can see by our wealth of happy customers and loyal retailers this is obviously true.

>  Unbeatable Output

It's all about PAR and Penetration and having the right combination of both to provide the perfect amount of absorbable light for your plants

>  Modular Design

With our unique modular build we are happy to say that in the unlikely event that your light may develop a fault it has never been easier to quickly repair.

>  Budmaster Re-Sellers

We now have many stores all over the world selling our Budmaster II LED Grow Lights so to find your nearest store simply click here.

>  Recycling Scheme (DTS)

For more information about the DTS please visit see the recycling page on our website for information and links, and please always remember to recycle every way you can.

>  CBD the Miracle Cure

more people all over the world are becoming aware of the miraculous effects of a small amount of CBD oil a day can have to their health and overall lifestyle.

>  Solid 3 Year Warranty

Our lights are of such high quality that we are happy to offer a three years warranty on all of our Budmaster Osram Delux and Osram Delux Gold editions.